1912 Duster

Well I have been busy on my Duster. My husband printer the patterns for me at work, he brought the home rolled up with 2 rubber bands and set them on the couch. The dogs thought it was a toy and attcked the roll I rescued it but not until it had been chewed on the edges. oh well I could still work with it. I unrolled and began to tape together that was going well until I noticed I was missing about a 5 inch strip of printing so had to recreate lines. So after that I then needed to do some size adjustments. The armholes were small and the arms were way to narrow. The back was also to narrow but the bottow was much wider that I thought it would be. I cut lining out for my trial do pretty good made some minor adjustments. I made this out of raw silk with crushed velvet trim, I was lucky it had been given to me alone with quite a few other pieces by one of my customers when she cleaned out her parents house. I chose to add a back belt to pull in some of the fullness, but I did not have enough fabric for a facing. I covered all the buttons with the velvet. Instead of the embroidery I just applied the velvet at a angle on the pockets


Duster Coat 0402

Recieved pattern and having my husband print it for me at his work on big paper. I have a tan linen fabric picked out with a crushed velvet for trim. Very excited to get started on it.


I recieved slip pattern last week. Just got to be able to tape it together yest. and have lace on order. I picked fabric for it off my wall I think I will make it into a summer dress for my daughter.

I love sewing

I always find it interesting to explore fashion design from different times in history. So when this oportunity came up to try patterns from 1912 I jumped on it.  I have never worked with patterns from then so these will be fun to work with.  See http://vpll1912project.org/  for info on project.